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IQware MTM is an innovative, full-function Medication Therapy Management (MTM) system with comprehensive data mining and analysis capabilities.

IQware's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offers convenient tools for gaining insight on crucial customer touchpoints. Features include patient communication tools, tracking patient encounters, tracking customers via consumer loyalty cards and much more

Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) tools are available for patients, pharmacists, and physicians. This capability allows users to meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements regarding benefits and risks of drugs and/or biological products.

IQware MTM's essential clinical tools, such as drug interaction analysis, allergy detection, disease state analysis management, and drug utilization review make it easy for pharmacists to offer MTM services as required for pharmacist reimbursement under Medicare Part D. Using IQware MTM's data-mining capabilities, pharmacists can quickly identify and begin serving, eligible patients who would benefit from medication therapy management services.

IQware MTM uses only medically-approved databases (e.g., Lexi-Comp, Cerner-Multum) and is HIPAA compliant. IQware MTM can track specific transactions as required for security while remaining in compliance with governmental regulations.

IQware MTM employs valuable time-saving, scheduling, communication, and billing features, so pharmacists can do what they do best: care for their patients.

IQware MTM offers additional revenue opportunities for health care providers.

POS (Point-of-Sale) pharmaceutical advertising with tracking and accurate feedback at kiosks or information booths provides added revenue opportunities for pharmacies.

IQware MTM is customizable.

When regulations or pharmacy requirements change, IQware's MTM system can quickly adapt. Instead of re-designing, re-programming, or developing a new system, which can be both costly and time-consuming, the patented (US #7,322,028) IQware MTM system quickly changes how it operates by simply altering the rules - no programming required. Since IQware MTM is centrally-deployed and managed, these changes happen quickly and without disruption, while the system is operating.

In 2007 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was given the authority to mandate pharmaceutical manufacturers to establish systems that assess benefits and risks of a drug or biological product. IQware quickly customized their software system to include these REMS tools.

IQware MTM is interoperable and seamlessly integrates with your data and your current fulfillment system.

You don't have to spend money re-training your staff to learn a new system. IQware MTM uses thin client (Xlib) architecture which ensures compatibility with and adaptability to new and emerging hand-held & desktop technologies.

IQware MTM is easy to deploy and operate.

It operates on your current software and hardware system - upgrades, patches, or hot fixes are not necessary. Your patients can start benefiting from MTM services right away.

IQware MTM is rule-based.

The software's appearance and functionality are 100% controlled by operating rules that can be changed on-the-fly, while the system is running.

IQware MTM is secure.

IQware MTM solves the ENTIRE security problem by monitoring and controlling all access of subjects to objects.

Use IQware's patented (US #7,322,028) MTM rule-based system with complete confidence; it's a comprehensive, customizable MTM solution that is secure, desktop-virus-immune, and hacker-resistant.
IQware MTM is what your pharmacy needs.

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CRM Features

  • Patient communication tools including email, text message, and printed reports
  • Ability to create and share custom reports including:
    • patient demographics
    • patient disease state
    • billing status
    • customer contact
  • Tracking patient encounters with pharmacists
  • Creating and maintaining patient Medication Action Plans
  • Tools to track patient insurance claims and billing status
  • Track customers via consumer loyalty cards. This opt-in program allows your organization to target consumers who meet specific criteria.

Visualize Your CRM Data with Customized Reports

Quickly create custom reports based on collected patient data.

  • Quick Patient Search screen allows the user to:
    • quickly identify current patients who meet specified criteria.
    • contact patients identified in the search for the purposes of scheduling appointments, reminders about services, etc.
  • Advanced Patient Search screen allows the user to:
    • perform more in-depth patient searches based on multiple medially related criterion.
    • save time by creating custom patient groups
      • Users can create a name and description for the criteria of any patient search. This simplifies the process of updating commonly used patient lists.
    • load a previously saved patient search criterion.
    • create a patient list to use on the Patient Reporting screen

  •       MTM CRM
  • Patient Reporting screen allows the user to:
    • Reference previously defined patient groups for more in-depth reporting.
    • Further analyze saved patient lists based on selected parameters such as age, gender, disease state, and billing status.
    • Save, print, or email resulting reports.

Compliance Reporting

  • Quickly reference pertinent patient/business related data.
  • Visually analyze data on a month/quarter/yearly basis.
  • Gather more in-depth information relating to the data instances

Enhanced Documentation

On the new documentation screen you can view and print patient reports for billable actions as well as create form letters. In the Patient Reporting Options section of the screen, you can view various reports about the currently selected patient, including:

  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Medication Action Plan
  • Personal Medication Record
  • Alert List
  • Session Cover letter
  • Session Summary
  • Billable Actions Report

        IQware CRM Search Report         IQware CRM Reporting Compliance
        Documentation Send Report         Report - CMS1500

CRM and Personal MTM

IQware's Personal MTM system offers a value-added feature that allows consumers to track his or her own prescriptions. This feature can help to prevent contraindicated drug interactions and drive traffic into the pharmacy as well as facilitating communication between the patient and the pharmacist.

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REMS Highlights

IQware's leading-edge REMS tools are based on the FDA's latest REMS Template (10/21/09 - Revised).

IQware's features currently include:

  • Display required elements of a REMS program for physicians and pharmacies
  • Track aspects of the REMS program that has been completed
  • The most recently approved REMS programs (4/2010) are incorporated into IQware's software system

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MTM System Highlights

New Features

  • Track immunizations, medical procedures, and test results.
  • You can now add details about specific conditions including drugs taken for a condition,
    test results related to a condition, and procedures related to that condition.
  • Keep track of schedules.

Drug Interactions

  • Analyze the selected patient' s medications for drug interactions.
  • Analyze additions to the selected patient' s medication list for drug interactions.
  • Drug interactions are separated by the severity of the interaction, automatically informing the pharmacist of adverse drug interactions.
  • Research drug interactions for specific drugs not currently taken by a patient.

        Interaction Monograph         Add Medication Action Plan

Data Mining/ MTM Eligibility

  • Determine patient eligibility for MTM services with the push of a button. MTM Triage
  • Increase the pharmacy's ability to provide the value-added MTM service to the patients with the most need.
  • Quickly identify patients meeting specific criteria using Data Mining. Set criteria within provided data categories or define criteria through customized queries.
  • Automatically track prescription fills to measure patient compliance.
  • Data mining results include pharmaceutical usage, efficacy, and demographic data for guiding patient-centered activities, revenue growth opportunities, and leading new drug research.

Drug Utilization Review

  • Patient medications (including new prescriptions) are automatically analyzed to detect drug interactions.
  • Automatically track prescriptions to measure patient compliance including prescription over-utilization, underutilization, and duplicate drug therapy.
  • Drug Utilization Review
  • Prevent unnecessary allergic reactions with alerts that automatically appear when the patient is prescribed a drug to which he or she is allergic.
  • Automatically analyze drugs to check for medical and therapeutic appropriateness. (watch for upcoming release)
  • Track prescriber history. (watch for upcoming release)
  • Track contraindications for patient diagnoses and demographics. (watch for upcoming release)
  • Automatically alert the pharmacist to Prescription Dosage and Duration errors. (watch for upcoming release)

Disease State Analysis Management

  • Access comprehensive disease state and ICD-9 (International Classification of Diseases, vol. 9) listings (ICD-10 ready)
  • Look up disease states based on a patient's current medications
  • Look up drugs that treat disease states by disease, ICD-9 code, and condition
  • Look up disease states associated with a particular drug
  • Research disease states associated with specific ICD-9 codes
  • Our revised session summary screen includes the items on the DSME standard. We will revise it when we receive the new standards.
  • Users can click on the help button to view instructions on how to complete each item on the checklist using IQware's system.
  • Click on the View Billable Actions item to view a list of items within the system for which the pharmacist can bill. The numbers in this list are based on the information associated with the "Diabetes Case Workup."

        Disease State Labs         Disease State Details

Allergy Detection

  • Record a patient's drug, food, and environmental allergies including the type of allergic reaction as well as the year in which that reaction last presented.
  • Prevent unnecessary allergic reactions with alerts that automatically appear when the patient is prescribed a drug to which he or she is allergic.



  • Automatically schedule appointments for patients identified as eligible for MTM services.
  • Track patient follow-through on MTM appointments.
  • Manage patient traffic better and increase the efficiency of patient care within the pharmacy.
  • View appointments on hourly, daily, or monthly calendars with time formatted according to user preferences.


  • Send emails to patients or other health care professionals.
  • Print medication lists, appointment reminders, or other reports to share with patients.


  • Billing reports are customizable by PDPs, status, date, or patient ID.
  • Pie charts graphically represent billing records by PDP, status, date, patient ID or CPT code.
        Billable Actions         Billable Immunizations

Time-Saving Features

  • Eliminate double entry of data.
  • Incorporate external databases (such as Lexicomp, Cerner-Multum or Gold Standard)
  • A patient's entire medical record can be viewed on a single screen that is accessible through multiple buttons in the system
  • Appearance and functionality quickly adaptable to meet organizational preferences
  • Response lists automatically update to reflect pharmacy preferences.
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IQware MTM can be configured to new specifications quickly as your business needs change.    The features below were implemented as a result of customer requests:

Streamlining of the MTM process

  • The number of clicks required to select an item from a list is reduced from two to one
  • Select items directly from the screen.
    • This eliminates the extra step of bringing up a dialog box and selecting an item from a list within that box. You can now select something directly from the screen and choose an action (view, edit, etc.) from that point.
  • Extraneous data entry boxes were eliminated from the "Add Medication" process.
      Recommended Immunization Schedule PDF         Family Medical History                 Patient Medical History         Labs/Immunizations

Enhanced Screen Display

  • A summary of drug interaction symptoms is now automatically displayed under the drug pair on the complete alert list and severity level alert list. The user still has the option of drilling down for more in-depth
    information about the interaction, but is not required to do so.
  • Alert Consolidation
    • A new "Alert List" feature consolidates all of the various alerts (interactions, allergic reactions, and therapeutic duplication) into an easily accessible and printable list.
      • Interactions are still available through severity level breakdowns, just as other types of alerts are accessible on alert-specific lists, but this new list provides the user with another option.
  • Flags now appear on the medication list to indicate that there is an interaction associated with that drug. The flag appears as an exclamation point on the drug list. This list is displayed on the Drug Utilization screen

  • Print reports to assist in client consultations.
    • A new "Alert List" feature consolidates all of the various alerts (interactions, allergic reactions, and therapeutic duplication) into an easily accessible and printable list.
    • "Print Medication List" feature on the Drug Utilization screen.
            MTM Profile         Medication Action Plan

Case List Screen

The case list screen was added to assist the pharmacist in tracking patients who have drug interactions that must be addressed. There are several key features to this screen:

  • Cases are listed in order of interactions. Those patients with the most drug interactions appear on the top of the list.
  • Cases are broken down by new and ongoing cases.
  • You can schedule appointments directly from the Case list screen
  • *New* Pharmacists can track a patient's progress through a particular program (e.g. diabetes management)
  • *New* IQmtm can calculate the Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) for a given drug or class of drugs. This key calculation is not currently handled by other MTM systems.

        MTM Cases

IQware's enhanced system features were a result of customer collaboration and were built and deployed in only two weeks. These features include: disease state management advancements, case session summary, checklist for tracking compliance with program standards and billable actions, enhanced documentation and reports, updates for patient and family medical history, as well as tracking lab results. IQware's enhanced MTM and disease services program can adapt quickly as program standards change, offering unprescedented flexibility.

This advanced MTM system was selected by the Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation (TPREF) as its documentation system for a new and innovative pharmacist-provided patient care program focusing on patients with diabetes in Tennessee. This program was developed by TPREF and is supported by a generous grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee Health Foundation. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee Health Foundation provided this grant to TPREF to explore innovative new methods of delivering diabetes care to patients and to curb the financial impact this disease has on the health care system

Documentation         MTM Session Checklist             Add Immunizations         Patient Medical History

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